any links on how to setup a node on mac OSX?

any links on how to setup a node on mac OSX? I want to setup a nano node on a mac mini server. thanks My analysis is that Cointiply is still the easiest way to get some free Satoshis Submitted by grumpyfrench via reddit


Daily General Discussion – August 19, 2019

Daily General Discussion - August 19, 2019 Welcome! The Daily is meant for things which are not worth their own post. For example, debates, issues, simple questions, memes or suggested services/ companies/ cryptocurrencies/ etc. We normally recommend using our Discord server for more effective chat and quick answers but using this post is fine if... Continue Reading →

A message to my fellow Nano whales

A message to my fellow Nano whales I'm in the frontiers (top 100 Nano holders) list, and as such, I feel it is a personal responsibility to see that Nano grows, not only for the benefit of the project but for my own pocket. If you're someone who has a substantial amount of wealth invested... Continue Reading →

Principal reps and the 0.1% threshold

Principal reps and the 0.1% threshold Why is there a distinction between 'simple' reps and principal reps, where principal reps have ≥0.1% of all nanos assigned? According to the wiki: "Delegates can choose to be representatives. A representative whose voting weight is at least 0.1% from the maximum voting weight (133 millions) participates in the... Continue Reading →

State of Ledger Nano

State of Ledger Nano Hello I am looking to buy an Ledger Nano S or X. I have seen multiple posts here about people having issues with Nano Vault. Could someone clarify what the current state is, is it mostly working without bugs? And is there a point of buying an X, since I read... Continue Reading →

Any asset can be a store of value

Any asset can be a store of value Any asset can be a store of value if you think your current means to store value are going to devalue. Stocks, real estate, artworks, etc. But a currency can't start as a store of value because what makes a currency a currency is its properties that... Continue Reading →

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