CLSAG Implementation with benchmarks in Rust

CLSAG Implementation with benchmarks in Rust Hi, Here is an implementation of CLSAG and also MLSAG in Rust with benchmarks. CLSAG paper was nicely written. Implementation uses Ristretto instead of Curve25519. Let me know if you have any questions. Is Cointiply still the safest site to earn free Satoshis? Submitted by kenshamir via... Continue Reading →


Modeling Monero’s Valuation

Modeling Monero's Valuation PlanB provided an interesting post on "Modeling Bitcoin's Value with Scarcity". That post can be found at: Three days ago, I did a quick, back-of-the-envelope calculation for Monero's Stock-to-Flow valuation and came up with: Current supply (stock) / Current emission rate (flow) = 17,163,125 XMR / 647, 802 XMR/yr = SF... Continue Reading →

Stop the hard-forks!

Stop the hard-forks! I, like most people, probably, was drawn to Monero partly because of it's ASIC-resistance. I used to think ASIC-resistance is a good idea. However, time has shown that this is an incorrect position. It turns out ASICs are good, because they increase the hashrate and force miners to invest into the network... Continue Reading →

Driven by the desire to get high?

Driven by the desire to get high? Does anyone else feel that prohibition feeds the drug market, which in turn feeds Monero? It’s been blatantly clear to me that the human desire to get high is as strong as sex and food. People risk their lives to distribute and use intoxicants. The very nature of... Continue Reading →

[Daily Discussion] Thursday, August 22nd

[Daily Discussion] Thursday, August 22nd Welcome to the /r/xmrtrader daily discussion thread! Thread topics include, but are not limited to: General discussion related to the day's events Technical analysis Trading ideas & strategies Questions that do not warrant a separate post Thread Guidelines Be excellent to each other. Please do not create separate posts for... Continue Reading →

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