Cardano Jormundanr 0.8.7; Bakkt Consumer App 2020; US Deficit 6X Bitcoin Marketcap

Cardano Jormundanr 0.8.7; Bakkt Consumer App 2020; US Deficit 6X Bitcoin Marketcap Is Cointiply still the easiest way to get free Bitcoins? Submitted by cryptoviser via reddit

Hydra papers

Hydra papers We know that IOHK are waiting till February (correct me if I'm wrong) with releasing Hydra papers to the public but why can't they wait a bit longer? It looks like Ethereum is copying Cardano in some way and they have first mover advantage that, as Andreas Antonopoulos said, is really hard to... Continue Reading →

“Dead a lot” update

"Dead a lot" update Daedalus has been "Dead a lot" for me, and many others, in the last week. Either impossible to connect or stuck on syncing for endless hours. No node restart will fix it. Apparently there is a work around that involves editing the config file and substituting the current nodes by a... Continue Reading →

TapTap Stake Pool – TAPSY | TAPSX | 1% Fee

TapTap Stake Pool - TAPSY | TAPSX | 1% Fee Dear Delegators around the world, the central european city of Vienna is not only the home of the world-famous schnitzel, but also the home of students interested in technology, who want to work for the further development of the financial system through blockchain technology. Therefore... Continue Reading →

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