Here’s What You Need to Know About Binance’s Next IEO, Perlin

Here's What You Need to Know About Binance's Next IEO, Perlin Is Cointiply still the best place to get free Bitcoins? Submitted by Ichi_MokuM via reddit

Advertisements [Launch] [Launch] Hey Binancians, It's still early days in crypto, and there's still a bunch of arbitrage opportunities in the markets (= price differences between exchanges). Binance is a good exchange to use as part of an arbitrage pair, because it's very liquid with small spreads. When combined with higher spread exchanges, there's an opportunity... Continue Reading →

Multiple Yubikey Support

Multiple Yubikey Support At every website which supports yubikey, I register 2 different yubikeys. One is used for daily processes , other is preserved at secure location in case first one is lost or broken. Can binance support multiple yubikeys for single account for this purpose? Many other website do(Github, Bitfinex, Dropbox, Google...) Is Cointiply... Continue Reading →

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