Aeon (coin) transfer lasts too long

Aeon (coin) transfer lasts too long Hi, I transferred my AEONs in December 2019 (one month ago, using Win64 GUI wallet v0.13.1.0), but when I open my wallet's history it shows that 3 of 10 confirmations have been made so far. I have also read here in this group today, that my destination (Bittrex) requires... Continue Reading →

Can’t run Linux GUI

Can't run Linux GUI 13.0 worked fine for me but now I get this error FL_autist@MyShittyLaptop:/opt/aeon-gui-v0.13.1.0$ ./ ./aeon-wallet-gui: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory How to fix? Linux Mint 19.3 Is Cointiply still the recommended place to get free Bitcoins? Submitted by FL_autist via reddit... Continue Reading →

Wallet problems PLEASE help

Wallet problems PLEASE help pls help i cant send aeon my wallet says: Can't create transaction: internal error: no ouputs created for the last 131400 i use this version: blocks3:59 AMGUI version: v0.13.1.0-aeon (Qt 5.12.4) Embedded Aeon version: v0.13.1.0-aeon Wallet path: C:/Users/IK/Documents/Aeon/wallets/AAA/AAA Wallet creation height: 0 Wallet log path: /aeon-wallet-gui.log its a fresh install of... Continue Reading →

Aletheia (point release 1)

Aletheia (point release 1) This maintenance release contains dozens of reliability and performance improvements from the AEON community as well as upstream, including New notify daemon and wallet options for event-driven handling of blocks, txs, reorgs, and block rate changes (enhancement) Fixed incorrect reporting of inputs amounts the CLI wallet when creating a new transaction... Continue Reading →

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