aeond download incident

aeond download incident was downloading the blockchain, and clicked the x button to exit, for the night, and when i did it spit out a key that i had right clicked and saved earlier, i copy and pasted the private key earlier, and when i went to exit the aeon d it spit out the... Continue Reading →


[PROPOSAL] Translate Aeon Website Into Chinese

[PROPOSAL] Translate Aeon Website Into Chinese A new proposal has been posted on the AEON Funding System. Please review the proposal in it's entirety and let us know your thoughts. You may comment on this thread or on the proposal itself. Title: Translate Aeon Website Into Chinese Proposer: xiaomogwai AEON Requested:80 Please review this proposal... Continue Reading →

New game platform! FREE 0.02BTC for everyone!

New game platform! FREE 0.02BTC for everyone! HELLO! PROMOCODE (0.02BTC): EntryBonus LINK: CRYPTOPLAYING.COM You can instantly withdraw this bitcoin's or play roulette and win more! How to get your btc's? (0.02 BTC ~ 200$) Just enter this code: EntryBonus in your profile (promocode) Is Cointiply still the recommended place to get free Bitcoins? Submitted by... Continue Reading →

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