Uphold Card beta tester – anybody else?

Uphold Card beta tester – anybody else?

Last week I got an email from Uphold, asking if I’d like to participate to be a beta tester for their one of a kind crypto debit card. I agreed.

I was already a verified user as I’ve been with them for a couple years now; and while I wasn’t a super active user of theirs, they sent me $50 to test out the card. Awesome!

I’m still waiting for the physical card to arrive in the mail, but I’ve downloaded the beta card app off iOS TestFlight and it connected to my Uphold wallet instantly. See the screenshots on the imgur album above.

There’s not much to the app (yet, at least) but the most important is there: the ability to change funding sources based on my respective Uphold wallets. It looks clean.

As I wait for the card to arrive, I want to ask you guys your opinion? Has anybody else been approved or even heard anything about the Uphold team entering the debit card space? Seems like they are keeping it on the down low.

I am reading mixed reviews of other crypto cards, it seems like they are all either a half assed attempt or go under shortly after.

Also, being a US resident, does this affect my tax liability? Is this too good to be true, to simply send crypto to my Uphold wallet and be able to freely spend it anywhere?


I’ve found Cointiply to be the only trustworthy bitcoin faucet.
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