My RX 470 4GB Nitro is so efficient! Look my XMR-Rig & Wattman config

My RX 470 4GB Nitro is so efficient! Look my XMR-Rig & Wattman config

Hi! I'm glad to see my Wattman's stats after some hours of tweaking. I have 2x ASRock RX 570 4GB with 90W or lower (and +700H/s per gpu) power consumption in my office. Also my little gaming rig is helping me at home at 600 / 640H/s 🙂

620H/s when browsing the web. 640H/s when monitor is off

I will share my config.json and Wattman config. I hope my settings can bring better temperatures, power consumption and performance to your card(s).

{ "algo": null, "api": { "port": 0, "access-token": null, "id": null, "worker-id": null, "ipv6": false, "restricted": true }, "autosave": true, "background": false, "cache": true, "colors": true, "donate-level": 2, "log-file": null, "opencl-platform": "AMD", "opencl-loader": "OpenCL.dll", "pools": [ { "url": "", "user": "4A8q1bUpKYvYpwpsyJGWJVX1RyMnwpyDZZYo5gqnh23RhU159vz9VmpLuXf9nEUt7k9xM4vyWWdCa9PLcMwPxNerHsvE6Bt", "pass": "rx_470", "rig-id": null, "nicehash": false, "keepalive": false, "variant": -1, "enabled": true, "tls": false, "tls-fingerprint": null } ], "print-time": 15, "retries": 5, "retry-pause": 5, "threads": [ { "index": 0, "intensity": 1024, "worksize": 16, "strided_index": 2, "mem_chunk": 2, "unroll": 4, "comp_mode": false, "affine_to_cpu": false } ], "user-agent": null, "syslog": false, "watch": true } 

Remember! Every chip is different in voltages, so my frequency & voltage tweaking may not work on your Radeon RX 470/480/570/580.

This is my capture of Radeon Wattman!

74W peak | 64W average | Look that temps (24c ambient)

Cheers! Happy mining

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