Bitcoin Cash House project was a very big challenge but we did it

Bitcoin Cash House project was a very big challenge but we did it

This is the first Advisory and Consulting Center for all people interested in knowing the world of Bitcoin Cash and Cryptocurrencies in general. It is the opportunity for many people to know the world in reliable hands and to always have the same place to go with a friend to know this world so complicated to understand

Idea Summary

About two months ago, I was walking through a shopping center in my city and I saw some empty stores, I came up with a place where I could sell clothes, and shirts with bitcoin cash logos, and obviously accept only and exclusively Cryptocurrencies, in the middle of that work to explain to the curious about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

 Venezuela Needs Education and Trust

I always say that Venezuela needs education in the field of cryptocurrencies. We Venezuelans are experiencing a very distorted era in the economy, and when bitcoin appears in the public sphere only those who were advised and who cared to protect themselves from super inflation, went running to but very few see adoption as an alternative to the solution of cash in Bolívares for example, and despite the fact that thousands of Venezuelans use cryptocurrencies, they mostly remain under the discretionary sphere for fear of the government, or fear of legality.

The Good News arrives with Bitcoin Cash House

Thanks to the People of [] ( and [Sideshift.AI] ( who helped me create this wonderful project, and in addition to that materialize it in something practical and positive for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela, in the middle of which we can also do technical and legal advice so that all investors and that they feel confident when depositing their money or wanting to safeguard with all legality and security , being inside and outside Venezuela.

For its part, has been doing accurate projects executed in Venezuela for 1 year.

Sideshift.AI's friends are trying a way to make their exchange generate more than 50% revenue on transactions.

How the Bitcoin Cash House project materialized

I remember that a month ago I asked about some stores in a popular shopping center in my city, the stores were at an approximate price of $ 120, $ 90 etc. Some were abandoned and others were only very small. It had to be an easy project to execute and with a lot of practicality, remember that I had to avoid problems of Light and Internet problems, these two things would be a major distortion point that little by little would consume me without me noticing.

First strike

A small local type gondola or kiosk I saw in a small mall talk to the owner and it was too easy and fast .. he told me $ 50 per month and did not need so much paperwork. I immediately uploaded the proposal to the US with the people of and of course they said yes immediately, what I did not know was that the owner of the place had 4 more partners, when I transferred the money to look for $ in In effect, and when I had a complete project with great ideas, the lady wrote me a message saying that her partners did not want to work with cryptocurrencies for fear of the government, it was terrible news and a lot of disappointment for me and certainly not very professional for partners

The First Scam

When I felt discomfort because I was canceled the premises I received worse news, it turns out that the person who transferred the money in BCH disappeared from the fas of the earth an obvious sign of scam, immediately my mind collapsed and I began to feel strong dizziness and general malaise. I immediately began to mobilize to track the person I made a few calls, investigate, wrote to some friends and I could find the money, two days of nerves and a lot of stress passed and when I finally deigned to give up I received a message at 6 am , the money had been returned by the people of Uphold because I had a membership with good movements, but I still had to move to find the new place.

The Second Scam

When I already had the money back I had to talk to a relative to change my money, but first I had to change it to bolivars and I had to play with an exchange rate of less than $ 195 that I had to say if I changed $ 195 in digital to bolivars the account gave 2 million, but if I change 2 million to dollars in cash it would be a total of $ 170 and I had to do it, I had to take a risk. I made the change and my surprise was that this family member who, by the way, knew where I lived disappeared from the map, he wrote me a lot of excuses and he never gave me assurance that he could give me the money, just as I was a little calm because at least I was a relative and I could call his attention at any time, but as time went by I did not disturb my existence by not even having the cash, it is assumed that in any case I should first have the premises and then pay with cash .

The Best Option in the Best Place

There were several places that I visited and in all of them there were very difficult conditions to accept, for example in most of the shopping centers they requested a minimum of 6 months of contract, when my project only had a budget for 3 months, in addition to that, the real estate company asked for a % to be able to hire, you have to pay the first 3 months with 3 months more guarantee and then a key of $ 350 for 1 year … that is almost $ 1000 to use a small place for 3 months, I gave up several times, I said that it would be impossible several times, I got sick several times, I spent hours walking, without eating anything, I kept walking, I gave up again and kept getting up. Eliminating the complexes.

I imagined a place in a beautiful mall, not a huge mall, but a decent mall where I was more than comfortable and worked with thousands of people constantly. But after realizing that they wouldn't let me work at any mall or at least I didn't have that budget to start work there, I had to open my mind to all possibilities. One day I published in my Whatsaap that I was looking for a commercial space, and a friend who told me about a small shopping center in the city center that had been in operation just 1 year, was so small and new that even the premises were in structure Gray, would need a lot of work, could be hired with a value of $ 25 per month, did not condition key per year.

I decided to eliminate the complex of luxury premises in a large shopping center, I no longer had time, and should be adjusted to the budget, take out accounts and I saw that I would need to do construction work, paint, buy Internet router and also buy or send do desks, furniture, chairs, etc … the price was around $ 400 for 3 months in an ephemeral place without traffic of people, cheap and fast, it was expensive and difficult.

The Third Scam

When I deigned to give up I definitely realized that I couldn't give up something I had worked for so long. Then I decided to keep looking and I found another small shopping center but near a boulevard, it was very comforting to know that I had at least air conditioning, flat and smooth walls, and also I would be around $ 50 per month without so much document protocol, I would only spend in portable Internet, furniture and chairs. I decided to meet with the real estate company with 4 days left to inaugurate the installation, I had to find a way to get everything ready in just 4 days, go ahead 180 $$ with the real estate company while I found the rest of the money, and my surprise was that the 100 ticket $ was grated, and oddly enough, in Venezuela people do not accept grated dollar bills.

I had to return the ticket to whom it had taken almost 1 month to give it to me, surprisingly he gave me a new one and without problems I could determine the account to meet again with the real estate. When I was on the day of taking out the full accounts, I was given approximately $ 300 for 3 months to rent the premises, I was able to reduce the cost of a difference of $ 100. On the day I send the desk, buy the chair and everything, a friend calls me saying he knows of a nice place in the business center called Bel Tower in the east of the city, which is by the way the best location for Business in my city, is a modern tower and has its own shopping center and business offices, a total of $ 85 per month for offices with desk, tables, furniture, chairs, Internet power plant and an extraordinary location. He would give me a total of $ 255 for 3 months, it was unexpected news, this place had all the conditions for a project of this nature. Barquisimeto would really be the place to start a very ambitious project.

The real estate scam came when I canceled my process with the real estate company had advanced $ 80 to occupy the place, and when I canceled it was only 2 days to open, I went first to the tower I decided to agree to start on Monday and call the real estate, I said I should cancel and they told me that there were no problems, but that they should keep $ 80 per work commission, which left me breathless and speechless to continue, I did not know what to do, as a lawyer my sense of feeling was active, and I spoke with a colleague specializing in real estate law and warned me that while they had done the procedure and had to keep a percentage were not $ 80 full, they were entitled to a commission because it was me that I canceled the job, then as a lawyer I reflected and thought that they were right, I did it was to look for the money that the real estate wanted to give me, they returned me $ 40 and I came without claiming anything, I had already found a better place r and my mind had to be ready to enter the world of big business.

Roller coaster

We started this adventure a week ago and I can say today that I am happy with everything I did during these 2 months, which were certainly the worst of my life, I was very hungry, I didn't sleep at all, I cried, I got sick, I fell but I always I never stopped, I never looked back, I remember that in a place they ran me because I arrived at the offices with very bad aspect, of everything that I had walked I ended up with dirty clothes, and of course they took the place force, without being able to do anything else just go to look for another place where by the way they would attend me well just to give me water but not to close a contract. I say they were the worst of my life because I never had a worse economic situation but I must also say that I learned things that I never imagined, I met good and bad people, and I went up and down very quickly, I had good and bad news of a Moment to another, I didn't think I could stand it alone, but I realized things that happen in my country that I can now have a clear notion of, I could ensure that I enter the world of digital business in the best way, because I already lived several failures but I learned a lot from them, and now I only have to succeed in this project that thanks to my sponsors and my advisors I will have the ability to create great ideas and be the size of the challenges that come.

Bitcoin Cash House and its Portfolio of Services.

I brought together the best team of professionals in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies, digital business, financial market, commercial lawyers, programmers, computer engineers, designers and I also have the leverage of and Sideshift.AI worldwide.

Together we provide a variety of services for investment and education of cryptocurrencies and adoption of bitcoin cash for natural and legal persons who see in the blockchain an opportunity to reach the future, and now they have the ease of shaking a helping hand where they can talk confidently and learn from the ecosystem in general.

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