Why I think Aeon is better investment than Monero

Why I think Aeon is better investment than Monero

Coins share almost the same roadmap, the latter is 284 times cheaper than the former. Obviously monero is not coming to coinbase, gemini and other regulated exchanges with the biggest risk of losing poloniex and bittrex due to big regulatory cloud. There is no other exchanges for Monero except a money laundering device called bisq and some chinese garbage bucket shops with fake volume ready to screw you over with some retarded KYC shit any minute. The risk of investing in Aeon is low, because it's extremely cheap and even delisting from Bittrex will not affect its price hard, Monero can lose 90% of its price in case that happens. The upside potential is also bigger in Aeon, Monero need a lot of new stupid money to pour into it in order to recover from current price to ATH for instance. There is more chances to make 10x on Aeon than on Monero.

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