Some Telegram tips for newcomers in the crypto community

Some Telegram tips for newcomers in the crypto community

The creation of this post was inspired by today's story.

Be careful, Telegram is full of scammers waiting for easy crypto.

  • Never give your private keys, mnemonic phrases, wallet files, etc.

  • Always check the Telegram ID of the person you are talking to.

Are you exchanging currency, or maybe you need some help from a representative of some service – always check them by different ways to avoid a scammer. Usually scammers have multiple accounts. From one account they just watch the chat, and as soon as a new user is added, they offer their "help" immediately in direct messages from second account pretending to be a representative of some service. (see screenshots at the end of the post).

Do not confuse the Telegram ID with the account name or username. Account name and username it's very easy to change them, as well as the profile image. Telegram ID — is a special numerical code, which is assigned to everyone during registration. This identifier is necessary for the system to correctly save data and link it to a specific user.

Use @userinfobot to find out the Telegram ID:

  • To find out your Telegram ID, send any message to the bot: @userinfobot
  • To find out the Telegram ID of any user, forward any of his messages to the bot: @userinfobot

Scammers can change their account name, username, photo but they can't change Telegram ID.

A couple of months ago, Telegram made it possible to hide even Telegram ID (it surprised me very much). To people who hide their Telegram ID you should be especially vigilant.

The story that happened to me today.

I joined to the Trust Wallet chat room and almost immediately I got a message from a "support representative". The scammer asked me if I needed any help. I decided to play with him and said that I couldn't restore my wallet. See the screenshots:

This one is from @userinfobot, you can that this scammer doesn't have the username only account name, but he's so dumb to hide his Telegram ID and now you know his ID. He can hide it, but as I said you don't have to trust people with hidden Telegram ID at all (at least in Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian crypto-communities people with hidden Telegram IDs are not trusted):


If you have proof that some scammer tried to scam you, don't let them get away! Write to @notoscam and provide them all the evidences. Then the scammer's account(s) will be marked with a "SCAM" sign, and the profile biography will be: ⚠️ Warning: Many users reported this account as a scam. Please be careful, especially if it asks you for money.

One of the many scammers who pretended to be me

Remember, all scammers are really dumb, they looking only for inexperienced and easy targets.

Informed means armed.

Take care of yourself.

I’ve found Cointiply to be the only trustworthy bitcoin faucet.
Submitted by TheFuzzStone
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