Hydax was born in an era when widespread adoption of blockchain technology by online gaming and the financial industry. As an innovative global cryptocurrency exchange, Hydax started with LGame, aiming to build channels between online gaming assets and the exchange platform. The Hydax team members come from the top companies of the internet and financial institutions, and we value technology development and operations.

Hydax Exchange has the capacity to process millions of transactions, and with multi-node and global custody and clearance models. They will bring a smooth trading experience and create a safe and trusted environment for users, helping them to convert their assets.

Hydax is committed to creating a major global cryptocurrency exchange, and serving the entire blockchain industry.

Hydax is a platform that is useful for currency exchange and investment transactions. This platform has used Blockchain technology as its power base. Blockchain is an advanced technology by bringing a performance system that is different from the traditional technology of its predecessor. As an advanced technology, Blockchain implements two operational systems that have tremendous benefits for a user’s data processing. One of the systematics of this technology is decentralization which is a system with a very amazing performance, where each user can control all the transmission processes of data assets that they have absolutely without any takeover by other external parties. In addition to decentralization, Blockchain also embed encryption systems in its technology operations. This system is a system of protection against data security that is owned by a user of this technology where every name, password, digital signature or other personal information will be verified and protected strictly and multiplely. It is these two systems that make this technology have an extra privilege in the eyes of the world’s technologists.

Hydax is a cryptocurrency trading platform built by a specialized team that has years of experience in operating crypto currency exchanges in a stable and secure manner. They are also people who have been involved in designing professionally distributed architectures and anti-DDOS attack systems and owning 98% of assets that are securely encrypted. This platform has also carried out a variety of penetration testing with several security testing organizations that have received international recognition. Based on the results of penetration testing that has been carried out on this platform, it shows that the exchange safety indicators at Hydax are at a high level. This makes a security guarantee for a transaction made through this platform.


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