Simple FOMO, a lottery game that rewarded the last person to enter before a moving deadline, has ended. Here’s the breakdown.

Simple FOMO, a lottery game that rewarded the last person to enter before a moving deadline, has ended. Here’s the breakdown.

Simple FOMO, as the name states, was a simple lottery game ran on an Ethereum smart contract that rewarded the last person to enter it, before a deadline, with the contents of an ever growing pot. The catch is that the lottery deadline moved forward in time if the entry was too close to it (withing 10 minutes). So to win, there must not be any entries after your entry for at least 10 minutes. Theoretically, this game can go on forever. Realistically, it would not likely do so as people would lose interest/hope and not submit a new entry.

Round 1 came to an end about 5 hours after the initial deadline.

Here is the game contract on Etherscan:

The game's original pot was 2 ETH and its original deadline was Nov 8th, 11:16:00 UTC. By the end of the game, the pot increased to 2.190125 ETH and the deadline was extended to Nov 8th, 15:14:55 UTC, which is about 5 hours extended from the initial deadline. The winning address: 0xc54100fc034d412c21ba92ccf2d916374ac22555 put about 0.096 ETH into the game throughout various entries to be eventually rewarded by a 2.094125 ETH profit. Initially this player had competition mostly from address: 0xB74D5f0a81Ce99aC1857133E489bC2b4954935fF, who almost won the pot earlier but another player entered in the last minute which prevented that. 0xB74D5f0a81Ce99aC1857133E489bC2b4954935fF then stopped participating the game.

After a few hours, no one else bid against the winner leaving that person holding the entire pot. Possible reasons for this could be that potential entrants have been burned by similar games in the past and decided to skip or that they felt they had no chance against a person potentially using a bot. Those who had entered only to be beat shortly after entering may have felt a sense of what is the point and decided to forego the next time. All in all, the winner of this game had more determination to win than others playing thus reaping the reward.

Round 1, in the end, was an interesting social experiment.

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