Our website (and community) message don’t work

Our website (and community) message don’t work

The design is great. That's important.

Now we need to consider our primary audience- Bitcoin holders. NANO holders don't even need a website. We didn't need it for RaiBlocks and we don't need it for NANO. But it's not obvious to Bitcoin holders. All Bitcoin holders see is the 1000th coin using flashy words making big claims. We look like another shitcoin. We offer no solution to combat this assumption.

Unlike every other coin, we actually have data to back up our claims. We can prove decentralization. We can prove speed. We can prove fee-less-ness. We can educate on how the underlying protocol makes these things possible–it's completely unlike Bitcoin and that's OK!

The very first instance the website attempts any of the above is by requiring the user click 'Pay with NANO' and then scroll below the fold to see median confirmation times…. but as we already know, highly skeptical Bitcoiners already think that's BS because they don't understand the tech yet. Highly skeptical bitcoiners won't get past the landing page making claims that simply cannot apply to the Bitcoin paradigm. And rightly so.. until NANO, such claims were complete bullshit.

This website, and our community, are essentially telling people that magic exists and you can buy it [here]. No body is going to buy it. It takes 10 community members and 100s of comment threads to sell 1 person on this technology. Every fucking time it comes up, we re-start the process of figuring out how to best explain it without being completely off-putting.

As it stands, this website connects with no one significant. It accomplishes nothing more than this sub's own sidebar- a more fancy list of URLs to magical tools for a magical alternative to money.

Nano.org–the index in my opinion–should be the most optimized landing page in existence targeting our largest segment which is very obviously Bitcoiners. The most efficient way to explain to Bitcoiners and other alt holders how this magic is possible and prove that it's real.

I'm trying to get this thought out before I get back to work so this is shit, but my point is that until we all start to change our perspective that Bitcoiners are a crazy religious cult, we won't make it. We need them. And we can get them if we learn how to properly connect and educate them in a way that doesn't cause them to feel repulsed. Outside of NANO, they've been absolutely correct to assume shitcoin. We gotta stand out. We gotta try harder.

My analysis is that Cointiply is still the easiest way to get some free Satoshis
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