Bitcoin Cash “Pay to Chat” website plugin concept. Universal Superchat.

Bitcoin Cash “Pay to Chat” website plugin concept. Universal Superchat.

So, this is a fairly simple idea that I wish existed. As far as I'm aware, nothing quite like it exists. I like to call it "Universal Superchat". Just throwing it out there.

The Concept:

A basic chatbox plugin that essentially clones the Youtube Live Chatbox, but it's powered by BCH and can be easily generated, pasted onto any website and used for any project. You can set a few basic rules when generating them, like a minimum price for sending a message to the chat and message tiers. The message tiers is optional and should work just like youtube super chat, where your text is a different color and can send more or fewer characters based on how much you pay.

The minimum price will filter out the garbage, congestion, and spam that comes with 'free' chat. It could be set in either BCH or custom SLP tokens.

Potential Use Cases:

– Youtube Live Streamers who face super chat censorship. They could embed their youtube live streams on their own page, and generate a custom "Universal Superchat" box for their viewers to engage there.

– You could have a special tier for limited edition SLP tokens that you distribute to your fans through contests or something like that. A famous youtube creator could create a special token with its own tier in his Universal Superchat, and give those users special treatment. Imagine he distributes 1 token per month as a bonus to his patreon subscribers, and with that token you can ask him a question and get a direct answer in the SuperChat.

– Enhance Comment sections on sites like Bitchute, and give creators a way to earn while engaging their users. They could have their own Bitchute SLP tokens that they distribute to accounts as rewards, to use a custom tier in the Universal Superchat.

– Post live chat boxes on the main page of large websites, to let visitors pay to chat and leave messages for other visitors. It would be interesting to see how people would use this. For example, just imagine there was a chatbox like this on the front page of exchanges like What would people say to each other there, if they could send public messages for a price?

I'm not a developer and this idea is not completely thought out, but I think there's a ton of potential use cases for a plugin like this. Just brainstorming and looking for any input or thoughts.

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Submitted by AnarchoCicero
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