I am confused on what limits mean

I't's even hard for me to type out to make much sense.

What are the limits exactly? Obtaining bitcoins from Banks etc

My main question is do wallets have limits say if random people were sending you them . Rather then getting them from a bank. Or is there still limits in Usage.

Could i send as much as . like with out verification ? or is that for just bank etc.

Could oe run a wallet with nothing verified and just send new addy's with funds on to the new one? Or from various wallets with no ID. Whole things confusing as fuck.

If theres no limits it will work. if theres limits in any rndom anon sending and you sedning them about to others it will be huge but if liits like a prepaid card have it wont work and clearly gov created and controlled lol

Thanks. Any help will be appreciated.

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